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Starting snippet (embedded)

Brand new?

Take the tutorial!

Modulo is brand new in general, so it's probably brand new to you as well! The Modulo tutorial goes through Modulo basics, starting with HTML and CSS (part 1 and 2), and then JavaScript (part 3).

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Starting snippet (library)

When keeping your Components in a separate file (e.g. static/components.html), include with the following:

Learn by example?

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More ways to get started

Alternative CDNs


Modulo.js (Latest)

Or run the following command:

curl -o Modulo.js

NPM (Experimental)

If you prefer developing using npm, or want to try using Modulo to build an SSG-powered website, then get started with the tiny create-modulo scaffolding tool.

  • npm init modulo
  • npx create-modulo